Have Your Say on Bauxite Mining in and around Dwellingup


Dwellingup Community Compact DRAFT Position Statement -


Bauxite Mining In and Around Dwellingup


"HAVE YOUR SAY" on this DRAFT Position Statement to enable it to move from

being a Community Compact Statement to a Dwellingup Community Position. 

       Key Reference Documents: 


  1. Executive Summary & Local Action Plan
  2. Discovery Forest Map (Mining Exclusion Area)
  3. Position Statement Technical Report
  4. Resources Document: Letters, Maps and History


Dwellingup, and its surrounds, contain various trails and other important destination sites with a range of values, and can become a sustainable self- sufficient national and international tourist trail/adventure town.


As a Discovery Forest, the importance of excluding bauxite mining from in and around Dwellingup is vital so that a trails adventure town can continue to be developed.


With the support of Federal, State and local government, millions of dollars have been attracted and committed to this project. Community support for the Executive Summary and Local Action Plan can be the basis of consolidating the Dwellingup Position.


Comments from the community will be summarised, analysed and incorporated into the amended FINAL document. 


Please submit before the 30th of November 2017 with your name, address

(or PO Box number/email address) and post code to: tigger2@bigpond.net.au.


Should you not have an email address, please mail your submission to:


The Secretary,

Dwellingup Community Compact

C/-PO Box,

Dwellingup WA  6213


Download Position Statement, supporting documents & feedback form below:

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